How to Make your Resume computer Friendly?

If you really want to be shortlisted by your recruiter in the first cut you must learn how to write a better resume for a computer.Yes, you have read it correctly, it’s computer. We are in the 21st century now and everyone accesses files on the computer, we don’t have to go through the daunting procedure of piles of files before because we now have a platform that can opens almost all types of documents for us, which is a big comfort.
In order to compete with other contenders and candidates for a job opening you must send a resume in a computer friendly layout ad format. You can make your way through the first cut if you address some of these most common issues.
Use correct file format
Companies that are large scaled and famous use computer screening programs to access and read important files. All the resumes are submitted into a database from where they are filtered out before they are sent to the recruiter. When you submit your resume with a cover letter make sure that you have saved the file in one of the following formats- text, pdf or document file. Your documents must have a keyword extension on the file that is operable on all types of computer interfaces.
Finding and using the right keywords
Look for the most appropriate keywords which can define your skills on the resume. There must have been some keywords of significant important associated with the job position you are going to submit your application for. Choose to write the best works to describe your duties, experience and all the necessary details.
Use skill keywords
You resume must have information relevant to the specific job you are applying for. Search into the Internet database in order to make your credentials more powerful in writing and make sure that you have not missed out on any keyword that is considered important by the employer. These job related keywords change from one job position to another, you’d better find out best ones online.

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