Should you Outsource Resume Writing?

One of the most common questions being asked by many job seekers is whether they should outsource resume writing or not? When it comes to writing resumes, the job finders consider many things, and outsourcing the writing part is one of them. Whether you are applying for a nice starter job or an executive level position, writing a piece of resume can be tricky especially if it is something you have never done before.

Handing over the task of writing the resume to someone works fine sometimes but not always because the writers use cookie-cutter resume templates which are very common and attractive at all, above all these templates are so much boring sometimes that the employer does not even love to look at the writing which has been done inside by the job finder. Choosing a nice template is very important if you want to be chosen from the interview. How come you could have the employer to go through your achievements and the goals when the template isn’t very catchy in the first place. The first thing you need to do is find out the best resume template that has nice color and x-factor besides some uniqueness. Writing a successful resume comes next which requires thorough research work. You need to hire a qualified resume write for doing this job, if you do not want to do it yourself.

Here are some tips for resume writing, you need to jot down them and hand over them to the writer. In case you want to write your resume on your own, please keep these points in your mind.

  1. Avoid using the common phrases.
  2. Do not use cookie cutter templates when you write your resume. They will lead to no success in any way and are most often get ignored for being common.
  3. Be specific in all of the information you are writing in the resume whether it be objective, goals, and achievements. No need to write a love letter style resume where you want to write ever shred of the emotion you have or feel. The employers do not have much time to read everything, so let the sentences be short and brief.
  4. Make a list of work history by giving proper references with the dates and everything.
  5. Mention the company names, employer name and different references along with the locations where you have worked at in the previous years.
  6. When you mention your degrees, mention the name of the college and mention the date. The date when you started the college/school and the date when you had finished your studies.
  7. Be relevant when you write the information. No need to mention that you had been a well-known burger buddy in your college and you were engaged in kitchen, whatever assignments you had been given in the college or schools were not ever part of your professional career. These types of jobs/assignments must not be mentioned at all because they were not paid works.
  8. Mention your experience in the field for which you are applying for. The employers really love to choose the candidates who have some types of experience in the fields they have opened the jobs for. Be confident when you write your resume and mention the experience. Mention the reference along with the experience so the employer could review that you have had worked somewhere. Sometimes the employers call the companies where the candidates have worked to make sure the information being provided in the resumes are valid
  9. There are some resume styles that must be applied to the writing, for an entry-level job, the writing style should be different.
  10. Put everything together in form of functional headlines. The headlines must be short and brief. They can be transferred into bold sections later.
  11. Do not forget to add a cover letter to the resume because it makes the entire resume attractive and professional.
It is good to write your resume yourself. The sentences must be complete and free of grammatical errors. If you are not very good at writing, you need to hire someone to do the job because you really do not want your employer to ignore the resume because it has grammatical errors which could have been avoided in the first place.
Avoid making common mistakes while you write your resume or even when it is written by someone else, you still need to review it for accurate information and mistakes.
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