Resume Samples for Nurse Positions! Tips on how to get hired

Nursing career has a good scope and good income. You can easily start making between $50,000 to $60,000 easily annually if you get hired by the hiring manager. The question is how to maximize your chances of getting hired for the job when there are thousands of many professional candidates, holding good diplomas, degrees and experience under their belt. The simple answer to the question is that you must learn how to communicate your skills through your resume in a professional manner.

Writing an attention grabbing resume is not a daunting task but it can be a challenging task for many who have not applied for any job before. You need to know how to write an interview capturing resume easily by following the simple guidelines. Not to mention that there are already some layouts that you can follow in this regard, this would be one time effort only, it will pay you off in the long run once you are hired. Do your homework.

This write up is specifically about the basics of resuming writing for the nursing career, you will get help on how to make your resume noticeable to the healthcare employers.

Some Basics: What is Curriculum Vitae aka Resume?

The resume is a simple document containing between 1-4 pages or more and it is sealed in one cover letter. The document is a kind of brief history of your entire working career that explains which jobs you have undertaken before and on what positions you were assigned previously by the firms you had worked for. It is also a silent statement of your skills, expertise and capabilities. In other words, this document can easily explain to the recruiter whether or not you are qualified for a certain job opening.

You must have good qualifications in order to compete with other candidates, having any experience is good but it is not always necessary as long as you have good skills to serve the department or company.

Resume is Silent expression

You don’t speak for yourself but your document does. Writing a resume is like explaining all you can do in a document. Thus it has to be compelling and perfect. It serves as your first impression so it must be lasting and strong.  The document must be free of errors and mistakes, read it several times once you are done and make sure it is well organized.

Knowing sections of Resume

Each resume has some special sections. Your information and working history is divided into different sections in order to make the document easy to read and understand. Your work history is written in a brief writing, usually in one or two lines only.

Here are some of the aspects of the resume, the information is broken down into the following sections.

Contact details:  The document contains all of your details so that you can be easily contacted when is shortlisted by the hiring manager. You need to write your full name, phone number, fax number, electronic email address, and house address. You also need to attach or mention your identification card number.

Motives and goals: Explain what your motives are and why you think working with the health care department as a  nurse would be beneficial for you and th company. How enthusiastic you are and how well are you able to do for the interest of the department. Where would you like to be in few years from now and where do you see yourself right now as per the experience and skills you hold already have.


How much have you achieved in the past years. Mention how successfully you have achieved your goals.

Relevant experience/clinical work history:

Have you worked with any of the clinics or health care department before? State everything in this section.

Previous employment history:

Where did you work before and how long did you work there, state the time line along with the job positions you had undertaken.

Summary of key skills/talents/expertise:

What are your key skills and expertise, mention what is your department or niche, are you a child care specialist or a general care taker.


You need to fill this column with your degrees, courses and other credentials. You may also need to attach your certificates sometimes.

Professional affiliation/association:

Give a brief reference of all the hospitals and medical care departments you have previously worked for.

Volunteer work: You need to indicate that you are ready to work outside of paid working positions if you are offered.

Check these three basic resume samples for the job of nursing positions and job openings to get more knowledge on the layout that works today.


Here are some helpful videos that will help you write an attention writing resume for the nursing job.

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