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Sample of Resume! Learn some basics

You might have read thousands of tips and tricks on how to write a good resume to grab attention of HR department but you also need to keep an important thing in mind that if anything matters the most in your application is it’s the layout. There is a big myriad of layouts and designs which are in practice today in the field of resume writing but the best one is one that makes the document easy to read for everyone.

Since all of the documents are read online, your duty is to make sure that your resume is in a correct format- the common formats be .pdf, .txt and .doc. Don’t start sending the resume once it is ready, you need to have someone to have another look at it to make sure whether or or it reads and looks professional. So what’s the first thing your recruiter would like to read on the resume? The first thing is your motive or goal always, keep your opening statement eye catching. The first statement should be written in the middle of the page, just in the beginning of the paper and it does not need to be lengthy, containing complex and hard to read sentences. In fact, the first line should define your agenda is a simple language. Try not to use slangs and jargons in the resume, keep yourself in the shoe of the recruiter and visualize yourself as someone who needs to hire someone for the company. You will be in a better position to judge your resume yourself.

Here is one sample of a simple resume that is showing you a common layout for the resume writing which is considered professional these days. Remember that the layout for the resume may keep on changing from time, you need to keep updating the resume with time in order to keep it well-presented at all times.

resume sampleAll the references are given in the end because your credentials are what your recruiters would want to read through first. They would be needing references in the end, also they might not want to read it until you are being shortlisted for the job position you are applying for,


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